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The Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup is simply a must-have. It lets you enjoy your period free of worries and pain.


Do you know the Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup?

Introducing a very pleasant alternative to ordinary single-use hygienic aids. The cup is truly sustainable, and even with intensive use it will last up to five years with no signs of wear and tear. In that time, it will replace as many as 1,200 tampons or pads. Made from medical-grade silicone, the surface is velvety soft. The Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup is kind to your body because it doesn’t dry the mucous membrane and is 100% hygienic.

Do you know how the Menstrual Cup works?

You insert it into your vagina, where gentle suction holds it in place to catch menstrual blood. You can keep it in for up to 12 hours at a time, but it depends on how heavy or light your flow is. A soft and very pleasant ball on the tip makes it very easy to pull the cup back out again. During your period, you simply empty it, rinse it, and put it back in. This lets you have complete control over your period, and there are no odours.

The Cup replaces
up to 1,200 tampons and pads


Why we love
the Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup?

  • product_menstrual_cup_d0b5598054.svg

    Functional and minimalistic design

    It’s refined right down to the very last detail. We love the soft ball on the end, which is very pleasant and doesn’t cause any discomfort during use. It also makes putting it in very easy.

  • health.svg

    The colour doesn’t fade or change

    It’s red, and that’s the way it’ll stay through years of use. And there’s no need to worry about blood staining it.

  • function_95d41b4c6f.svg

    Firm yet soft at the same time

    We’ve made the Menstrual Cup from soft silicone. The design makes it sufficiently firm, so you can count on it 100%.

  • delicate_6ff5e23ef8.svg

    Velvety and hygienic material

    We chose medical-grade silicone of the highest quality. It’s kind to your body, very easy to take care of, and that soft surface… It’s just wonderful.

  • test_gentle_50px_5a4957773a.svg

    We’ve tested it for you

    During development, we tested the cup on ourselves, our friends, and our ambassadors, so we know we’re offering you the very best there is.

  • test_local_cz_50px_45dd83ccd6.svg

    Manufactured truly sustainably

    To bring the product to perfection, we maintain complete control over the manufacturing process. Everything is made locally and sustainably right here in the Czech Republic.

With the Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup, you’ll sail in comfort and confidence. Put it in for up to 12 hours and forget about it.

Napsali o nás
The aesthetics of the product imply that there’s no need for shame. Design plays a key role here. When a menstrual cup is stylish, it’s no longer seen as something alternative.

Kristýna Mazánková

Harper's Bazaar editor

One perfect cup,
two sizes

Cotton Cleaning Spray

With a delicate scent.

Menstrual Cup Classic

Stronger period or beginning.

Menstrual Cup Light

Weaker period or lighter bleeding.


Menstrual Cup Duo Pack

Weaker and stronger period.

Designed by a woman
for women

I was surprised by how many details we had to sort out to achieve perfection. That’s why I’m pleased when customers write us to say that we’ve developed the best cup in the world. There’s nothing better than that kind of feedback from you.

Anna Marešová

Product designer and founder of Whoop·de·doo

Care for your products
with love

The right care extends the life of your products and ensures hygienic use. We’ve developed our cotton-scented cleaning spray for use on all Whoop·de·doo silicone intimate aids. We think about you and proper care for your Whoop·de·doo products.

Cotton Cleaning Spray

With a delicate scent.

Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup = a calm and comfortable period in the water and out

After a terrible and very uncomfortable time of using pads and tampons, I’m so grateful for the cup! And the one from Whoop·de·doo? Absolute love. Soft, smooth, beautiful… It’s never let me down. It’s a real must-have for each and every one of us!

Terezie Kovalová

cellist and Whoop·de·doo muse

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